Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gluten Free Beer Tasting/Ranking.

I've been wanting to do a Gluten Free beer tasting with my friends for a while. I absolutely love beer.  But since beer isn't really an option for me anymore, I occasionally indulge in a gluten free beer. I've tried them all. I don't like them all. Some even repulse me, but I was curious to see if my friends' taste buds agreed.

Here are the contenders...the brave, the beautiful; the best drinkers I could find.

From left: Matt, Drew, Brando, and Margot.
        We tested 10 of the most popular gluten free beers I've tried.

My friends and I tasted, talked, and trekked through the different beers one at a time and rated them on a scale from 0-5 (five being the highest rating). I added our four scores together (one friend dropped out) and averaged them. The clear winner was New Grist, but it was hard to determine because everyone had varying opinions.

An average score of 2.75.
"taste like water"
An average score of 1.75
"The Budweiser of gluten free beers"
An average score of 1.
An average score of 2.25.
"A good beer right there" and "taste more like a beer"
An average score of 2.6.
An average score of 2.
An average score of 2.
"My boyfriend's second favorite"
The three Greens Ale pictured above are very strong and intense beers. I have one and I'm very tipsy, two and I'm drunk, and the one time I had three...I don't remember. Aka I was a sloppy sloppy girl and I'm pretty sure my boyfriend wanted to take me to the pound. Just to warn you.
An average score of 2.75.
An average score of 4.5
An average score of 2.75.
"Very bitter"
 The clear winner was the New Grist and the loser was the New Planet Raspberry Ale. Estrella was another highly rated beer and most agreed they "would have it again". Personally, my favorite is the St. Peter's or the Green Dubbel Dark, although last night the Dubbel wasn't appealing to me for some reason. I was pretty disappointed in the overall response from my friends and their general dislike of the beers. For people who are gluten free, most of these beers are a godsend. I also think that gluten free beer is an acquired taste. The first gluten free beer I ever had was the St. Peter's and I thought it was terrible. It took me a few times to appreciate the taste and now I would be thrilled to see it on a menu.

Happy friends full of beer.
My bestie and I.
The aftermath
But wait! I've also tried these lovely beverages. I enjoyed the Omission when I was on a trip to Colorado and it was just what I needed after a hard day of skiing. Its a fairly hearty beer and wouldn't want more than one or two of them.
 I heard Dogfish Head was coming out with a gluten free beer and I was SO excited, but I was unable to find it anywhere until I came across it at Total Wine. For a sweeter beer, I really enjoyed it. I usually like hoppier beers, but this beer was an exception. I wish I could have included it in the tasting, but after my initial discovery I haven't seen it.
Check out my instagram: Camilleforeal63 and see this picture with an awesome filter**
And not pictured, I've also tried Bards and I do enjoy it. It's crisp, refreshing and has been a "go-to" in the past. I tend to get OBSESSED with one beer for awhile and I'm over it.
So there you have it, my current take on the gluten free beer scene. 

Also ATTENTION*** Restauranteurs: this girl appreciates a gluten free beer on the menu. Get on it.

Tell me, do you like gluten free beer? Have you tried one that wasn't mentioned here? 

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