Thursday, February 7, 2013

My first WIAW...on Thursday.

I was pretty excited to partake in What I ate Wednesday and then I realized that I was supposed to record everything I ate on Tuesday in order to blog about it Wednesday, hence the name, but that didn't happen so here it is TODAY. I woke up feeling a bit boozy from happy hour Tuesday night so I decided some soup was in order.

First, time for some lemon water and a probiotic. I just started taking Dr. Ohhira's probiotics and they are AMA. I'm in love. I recommend that everyone take a probiotic everyday, even if its the only thing you do for your health. It will make you smarter, prettier, and sexier in every way. 

 I made my own broth, so I steamed 3 carrots and blended them in my trusty Vitamix, threw in a large handful of parsley, and there ya go. I also had 2 broccoli breadsticks that helped to keep me satisfied.
Before I blended the parsley to my soup
The final product.
Up close and personal.

Time for a coffee date. Grande Soy Cappuccino. Nice chats with a friend, clearly I haven't been frequenting Starbs enough lately cause they forgot how to spell my name.
Its actually CammiE...with an E.
 After class I came home STARVING so I made a quick almond milk, blueberry, chia seed, spinach, and cinnamon smoothie to tame my hunger while I cooked something up....

And then I chopped....
 I made a quick veggie stir fry with some left over roasted red potatoes, kale, chard, and some grated was quick and easy. I paired my tasty stir fry with a half a brown rice wrap topped with my caesar salad and some crumbled tofu.


                                         Time for a photoshoot....

          Got motivated and went for a run....+ 1.5 minute plank hold.

Now you know what I look like sweating like a pig.

                            After my workout I ate the other half of my stir fry.

Time for dinner!! GROSS, sardines. But wait they are SO GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN. I swear since eating these bad boys a few times a week my skin has been softer. So I choked a few down.
 Then came another vegan caesar salad wrap topped with pumpkin seeds.

And a side of summer squash sauteed in coconut oil. Oh and I was still hungry....

Amy's to the rescue!

         I wasn't really in the mood to cook dinner and I kind of skimped....SO flash forward a few hours to Ladies Night. After a few of these suckers I was face down in a whole LOTTA chips. I can't contain the beast when I drink margaritas, there is no turning back and no saying no. So behind the camera I ate my body weight in chips and salsa. Sorry I'm not sorry. You could say I drank a little too much, but no need to beat myself up for having a little fun;) 
"The Swirl" X4...oops!

The good news is...I made it to bed nice and early and woke up feeling like a champion!

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