Saturday, May 4, 2013

Autoimmune Paleo day 2: I Believe In Miracles

I believe in miracles--this is my mantra of the day according to the amazing spiritual guru Gabrielle Bernstein. I'm reading her book May Cause Miracles and partaking in her 40 day spiritual transformation to let go of my fearful thinking and actions and replace them with love. I'm on day 5 and today I've been instructed to believe in miracles, which means that I'm accepting a change in perspective. Well...I'm open to anything at this point, I figure I need to replace my vices with something? Gabrielle Bernstein was able to give up her addictions to love, food, alcohol, and drugs through studying a Course in Miracles and now she is a teacher of the text herself. The reason I brought this up is because today I witnessed a small miracle in my health journey. I got my period for the first time since February (sorry TMI), but I figured I've already told you a lot so why hold back now. I started taking the Estrofactors and DIM in January to help balance my hormones and they worked great (skin clearer and menstruation). I was curious to see if my hormones would stay balanced without the supplements in early March and went off them. My period disappeared for three months and two days ago I decided to start them up again along with the AIP. So I'm not sure if it's the supplements, the omission of alcohol and coffee, or the AIP in general, but I'm happy to know my moodiness this morning wasn't for nothing;).

I started my day off with some Ashtanga yoga and came home and popped a little poussin chicken and summer squash in the oven. I topped it with a pesto sauce I whipped up and made some green juice in the mean time. This morning it was a dandelion, parsley, cucumber, celery, lemon, cabbage, and 1 carrot concoction. I blended some broccoli sprouts in the juice for good measure because I read that broccoli sprouts are a great h. pylori KILLER. The serving of chicken looks huge, but there was not much meat at all. I won't be buying le poussin for's a little to, um, little.
I took the chicken carcases and simmered them for and hour  to made some chicken broth that was delicious. I sipped on a cup.

I went to the farmers market and picked up some local chicken breast, Brussels sprouts, red lettuce, sunflower sprouts, and some sage.
 This was my brunch. I wasn't really satisfied with the chicken so I whipped up some salad with sunflower sprouts, avocado dressing, and some Brussels sprouts steamed in chicken broth, all alongside one lonely sardine.

I made a coconut chai with ginger, clove, and cinnamon with the smallest dash of stevia;) I got this idea from The Autoimmune Paleo Protocol Cookbook
 I sat around in bed for a couple hours feeling very blah-my back hurt and my energy was unusually low so I decided to have a little comfort food (def because of TOM). 1/2 roasted sweet potato and 2 carrots blended with some Himalayan salt, cinnamon and cloves. Right after I ate this my throat/ears started to itch which hasn't happened since the last time I was detoxing....interesting. Just and observation. I sipped on a cup of homemade veggie broth too.

And of course a Saturday night Green Goddess Mocktail (in a red neck mason jar wine glass....haha) to enjoy while my boyfriend sips on a yeatsy brew. Am I jealous? Of course, but I know this journey will be worth it in the end.

        Green Goddess Mocktail

1 cup natural sparkling water

1/3 cup green juice of your choice

1 wedge of lemon

Do you see my boyfriend photo bombing my dinner?

We had buffalo burgers, roasted Brussels sprouts with left over bacon fat, and sauteed kale and red onion with chicken broth.

Good eats and lots of laziness with my boyfriend-couldn't ask for a better day. 

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